Best UFO LED Grow Light Review: Apollo Horticulture

Best UFO LED Grow Light: Apollo Horticulture

The Apollo Horticulture is the best UFO LED Grow Light. These are the features that lead us to this decision:

  • Easy to install: it comes with a hanging kit that makes it simple and safe.
  • Safe to use, as it doesn’t generate heat
  • A vast lifespan of +50,000 hours
  • More potent than regular grow lights, as well as less expensive and smaller

Growing with LEDs has become increasingly popular over the last several years, with the best and most advanced forms of technology available. These kinds of lights are used for producing an artificial source of sunlight that works as a source of energy for the plants.

When searching and trying to figure out which LED grow light is worth spending your money on, you may have come across a handful of options, making the decision-making process more difficult. If you`re looking to use for personal gardening with a small scale grow you should check out the Apollo Horticulture UFO LED Grow Light.

This brand appreciates the role played by lighting and understands that is essential for healthy plant growth, and their UFO or Puck lights have been around for several years.

It`s one of the most affordable choices currently on the market with a 2-year limited warranty that covers the panel from the day you purchase it, which is way better than other systems and it´s super easy to install.

It´s numerous positive consumer reviews agree that this 6L60LED Grow Light is suitable for all stages of plant growth, from seedling, clones, fruiting, and flowering. Whether you are planting the seeds, growing the plants and even when the flowers bloom and eventually you get the fruits, the lights will be with you from seedlings to harvests.

Plants are required to be exposed to different bands of light at different stages of their growth. This is a very important factor you must take into consideration when you are planning to grow your indoor plants and flowers.

It also offers a broader range of color spectrum as far of more type of color in the LEDs that’s going to result in healthier and greener plants. It comes with a stainless steel hanging clips so it can be used as point sources suspended above a canopy, or it can be placed in a strip like a linear source for closer proximity.

These are incredibly user-friendly lights, easy for one person to hang, and put out excellent lighting that accelerates the growth rate of veggie plants. The whole idea behind using LED grow lights is to promote photosynthesis using artificial sources of light. But these lights have specific functions. They can be used for grow tents, greenhouses, H2O systems and in most other Hydroponic systems.

This light is also very power efficient & consume only 180W of electricity and cover an amazing 5 square feet of the area.This also makes sure that the light penetrates the canopy to sufficient levels as well.

The Apollo Horticulture UFO Led Grow Light

Best UFO LED Grow Light: Apollo Horticulture

Apollo Horticulture: The Best UFO LED Grow Light


The Apollo Horticulture is a small and space-saving lamp that is perfect for new indoor growers who want to get into the gardening world for the very first time. The compact size makes it more discreet and better fitting into most indoor greenhouses and grow tents.

UFO-style LEDs are a great option for mid-sized grow ops. They are more powerful than single bulbs, but not as large and expensive as the standard rectangular LED grow lights.

Indoor gardeners always prefer to get a very easy to install LED grow light, which does not require large ballasts and heavy equipment consuming large spaces. This Apollo Horticulture GL60LED does not require any ballast and is self-controlled.

Given the long-running hours of typical LED grow lights, it is very common that they get quite hot. But these have been specially designed to withstand high temperatures, so if you don’t want to deal with the heat, this product is the way to go.

Internally, there`s a cooling fan that runs extremely quiet in additional to several heatsinks that properly dissipate heat emission. And LEDs are super energy efficient and will barely cost any money on your electricity bill over the long run.

It comes with a host of exciting features that makes this product easy to install and use. A hanging kit, power cord, and detailed instruction pamphlet for the user can be found within the box when you open it up. The hanging kit offers a quick and adjustable way to raise and lower the lamp when you’ve installed it in your garden.

The Deciding Factor: Durability

If you`re still having trouble deciding whether you should buy this grow light, one of the Apollo Horticulture light`s best feature is its lifespan and durability. You can expect more than double the lifespan versus other products. This has an average of 50,000+ hours of operation, making horticulture and indoor gardening much more convenient. Once you install one of these, you can best rest assured that your plants will stay until the end of harvesting.

With such a small and easy setup and a great price, you are getting a product with some pretty unique features. It is a complete package for any indoor gardeners to just get a grow light and get started with the ideal light system for their garden.

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