Best Running Tights with Pockets

  • If you want the most breathability, Sugar Pocket can offer that. Their tights fit nicely and the design looks great!
  • For two pockets, go with MYoga’s Running Tights. It has a back wasteband pocket along with a side thigh pocket. Carry extra items while you are out on your daily run.
  • The best running tights with pockets is Imido’s Running Tights. They are well rounded and versatile. You can also choose from two styles, both capri and long legged, for running in the winter and summer.

We have all been there. Going on a jog in tights is very comfortable, but our natural instict is to reach down and try to get our phone out of our pockets. Either you have been running without your phone, or you hold it in your hand while running. It is a very inconvenient situation. That is why having a pair of the best running tights with pockets is essential. Having your phone with you for the music you listen to makes a huge difference motivation wise. So, today, we will present you the best running tights with pockets on the market.

Sugar Pocket Women's Running Tights

Best Running Tights with Pockets: Sugar Pocket Women’s Running Tights

Made out of 88% polyester, these stylish tights are perfect for running. The fabric is high quality and provides excellent breathability. Focusing on comfort is what Sugar Pocket has done with these tights. Offering a nice pocket to hold your phone or other items is just one amazing addon to these pants. The wasteband is also elastic to make sure the entire fit is complete. There is also a hidden wasteband pocket providing you with extra room to hold your items.


MYoga Women's Running Tights w Side Pockets (XS-XL)

Best Running Tights with Pockets: MYoga Women’s Running Tights w Side Pockets (XS-XL)

MYoga also offers a great pair of running tights. With many sizes, you will be able to find a pair of these tights that fit you just right. With a back waste pocket and side pocket, you will find these running tights to be extremely convenient. The tights are machine washable, so you can easily wash and rewear these tights over and over. Other great features of these tights include sweat absorbption and drying capabilities.




Imido Women's Yoga Running Leggings With Side Pocket

Best Running Tights with Pockets: Imido Women’s Yoga Running Leggings With Side Pocket

These tights come in two styles: capri and long. When you are running in the summer, you will want the Capri style tights as they offer more breathability and freedom. Stay cool in the summer and warm during the winter by buying both styles. The fit is tight and they also offer a moisture wicking feature. The pocket on these tights are big enough to hold larger smart phones and items such as wallets. With soft materials, you will not regreat going with Imido Women’s running tights.

Best Running Tights with Pockets

The best running tights with pockets is Imido Women’s Tights. They offer a nice and big side pocket for any size phone or accessory you have. Not only that, but they come in two different sizes. Whether you want to stay warm in the winter with their long legged tights or cool in the summer with their capri tights, you can do both. The design fits nicely and it comes with a moisture wicking feature so that you never have to run in your sweat.

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