Best Water Filter for Turtles

  • If you have a pond full of turtles, getting the TetraPond Submersible Flat Box Filter is advised. It is a unique designed filter that works with several different sized pumps which makes it extremely versatile.
  • For smaller tanks that hold below 20 gallons of water, the Tetra ReptoFilter is a great three stage filter that covers every angle of your turtle’s tank.
  • Medium size tanks will benefit from the TetraFauna Viquarium which utilizes two RepotFilters to successfully cover 20 gallon to 55 gallon tanks. It also is composed of a three stage filter system and has a special pump that powers the filter and the waterfall.

For some, owning turtles can prove to be a challenge at first. Finding out which is the best water filter for turtles is only one of many questions that turtle owners ask themselves. Luckily, we have collected a list of some of the best water filter for turtles so that you don’t have to search to find them. Each has its own features

TetraPond Submersible Flat Box Filter


The TertraPond Flat Box filter works wonders in any pond that you have turtles in. As long as the pond does not exceed 500 gallons, you will be alright with using this filter. It is also very versatile. It can fit many different pump sizes ranging from 200 all the way to 2000 GPH. The main goal of this filter is to keep your pump from clogging. With a unique design, you will find that this filter works wonders for your pump.



Tetra ReptoFilter for Terrariums

The Tetra ReptoFilter is an amazing three stage filtration system that is great for frogs, newts, and turtles. The three stages include chemical, biological, and mechanical. When it comes to the chemical filter, you will find that it can help remove odors through carbon. Next, you have the biological filter which helps gets rid of nitrates and ammonia that may be toxic to your pets. Lastly, the mechanical filter aspect is used to catch any dirt, debris, and waste that is in your turtle’s tank. The filter works best as long as it is in a tank that holds 20 gallons or less. It is also great at making waterfalls.

Tetra 25931 TetraFauna Viquarium, fits 20- to 55-Gallon Tanks


For medium sized tanks, you will love the TetraFauna Viquarium. It is perfect for any tank between 20 and 55 gallons. The filtration system uses a special whisper filter. It is also broken down into three stages. Using two ReptoFilters, you will love the Viquarium. Adding some gravel to the viquarium will complete the set. Since it is a complete filtration system, that is all you need. The pump works at 80 GPH and powers both the filter and the waterfall flow.


Best Water Filter for Turtles

The best water filter for turtles truly depends on the size of your tank and pump. If you have a smaller sized tank, going with a single ReptoFilter is the best route to go. For ponds, the TetraPond flat filter will do you a lot of good. Lastly, for medium sized tanks, getting the TetraFauna Viquarium is advised. Between these three, you will have a great filter that your turtles will love.

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