Best Water Filter for Aquatic Turtles

  • If you want control over the water and air flow of your water filter, the Exo Terra Flo gives you both and more. Filtering water 66 gallons per hour, the quality of this internal filter is top notch.
  • For a more decorative water filter system, Tetra’s 25905 water filter system offers a great design along with a wonderful filter. Using a three stage filtration system, you will be happy choosing this filter.
  • The best water filter for aquatic turtles is the Whisper In-Tank Water filter. It is quiet and offers high quality filtration. It works in water as low as 2-inches which is highly suited for your turtles.

Finding out which filter is the best water filter for aquatic turtles is not easy. There are several different types of water filters available on the market. The goal is to not only look for those that made specifically for reptiles, but also to find filters that are quiet and offer your turtle more pleasure while swimming in their tank. Keeping all of this in mind, we have collected a short list of the best water filter for aquatic turtles available.

Exo Terra Flo 250, Complete Internal Filter


With a combination of three different filter stages: mechanical, chemical, and biological, the exo terra flo internal water filter works well for reptiles and turtles. This filters ease of use makes it ideal for most turtle owners. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. The size of the filter is perfect for smaller sized aquariums and terrariums. In addition, water is filtered at a rate of 66 gallons per hour. Other features include being able to adjust the water flow and air flow.


Tetra 25905 Decorative Reptile Filter for Aquariums up to 55 Gallons

Your turtles will fall in love with this beautiful decorative water filter. It is great for small and medium sized tanks up to 55 gallons. The design of the filter system includes larger intake holes. This helps prevent clogging and makes the filter system much more efficient. There is also a cover that will stop your turtles from entering the filtration system. Like most filtering systems, the Tetra Reptile filter operates on three stages that helps get rid of odors and debris in your turtles water.


Whisper In-Tank Filter with BioScrubber for aquariums

If you own a smaller aquarium with turtle, getting the Tetra Whisper In-Tank filter is your best option. It utilizes whisper bio bag cartridges to handle its filtering process. To elaborate more on the filtering process, it is divided into three stages for maximum filtration. The reason the filter system is called whisper is due to its extremely quiet system. You will barely here the filter going while you are sleeping or doing any type of important work. Most external filters are loud and they try to compensate by offering higher quality filtration. Well, with the Whisper In-Tank Filter, you get the best of both worlds. It is both quiet and high quality. As long as you have 2-inches of water in your tank, the filter will work. This is great for turtles who do not need much water to live in.

Best Water Filter for Aquatic Turtles

The best water filter for aquatic turtles is the whisper in tank filter. As you may know by its name, it is an extremely quiet water filter. This will provide a quiet and serene environment for your turtles to swim in. It also works on as little water as possible. This means it is made for turtles who do not need much water to swim in. With both high quality and quiet filtration, the Tetra Whisper 20i Filter is worth every penny.

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