Best Bird Bath Heaters

Best Bird Bath Heaters

Our  Verdict

The best high-end bird bath heater is the  Birds Choice Ivy Pedestal Heated Bird Bath, it is easy to clean, it is thermostatically controlled to keep off ice and it keeps birds super happy.

Our choice for the best mid-range bath heater is the API (Allied Precision Industries) 600 model, it comes fully assembled – and birds, squirrels and deers absolutely enjoy it.

A good low-range bath heater to consider is the Farm Innovators Model FS-1, it still handles temperatures quite well up to around 20 sub-zero, though there will be a bit of ice in the edges.


Water is essential for every living thing. In the winter, drinking water is scarce because everything freezes.

Setting out a heated bird bath provides precious water for these creatures. You also get to see some pretty amazing birds, with the occasional small critters drinking and bathing in your bird bath.

Features to look for in a bird bath

Every bird bath has its own set of charming features. It may be the design, the decorative details or the colors. While these embellishments do make them unique, functionality and durability also matter. These are the keys to finding the best heated bird bath. The most important features to consider are:

  1. Bowl

The most ideal for a bird bath is a shallow, wide bowl. The water level should mimic the puddles that the birds naturally drink and bathe in during warm weather.

It should also be narrow enough so that the heating element can effectively keep all the water liquid during the cold winter temperatures. Too wide or too deep and there will be some portions with icy water.

  1. Mount

The mount should keep the bird bath stable against the weight of the birds. It should also be sturdy enough to keep the bowl from tilting or getting blown in case of blustery winter weather.

The mounting material should be applicable for your intended location. For example, if you intend to place the bird bath on your porch railings,  the mounting material should be for porch railings. For instance, a bird bath with a square shape in its mounting mechanism may not be fit for attachment to a post. Always check.

If unsure or you wish to keep different options, it may be better to buy a bird bath with multiple mounting options.

  1. Material

The material used in the bowl is important. It must be durable; it must be able to withstand the coldest winters without cracking or breaking.

The material should also be rust-proof and stain-proof. Some bird baths have bowls with powder coating to keep the bowl from staining and rusting.

  1. Cleaning convenience

Water in the bird bath should be regularly replaced so that the birds get fresh, clean water. The bowl should also be regularly cleaned to remove any debris or any droppings.

Regular cleaning also prevents the growth of fungi and moss. This will also keep mineral deposits from forming on the bowl and ruining it.

Check how the bird bath can be cleaned. It should be easy to dump the water. Some bird baths may need to be carried entirely and turned upside down to remove the water. Some have plastic inserts that can be easily removed and cleaned.

Best High End Heated Bird Bath

Birds Choice Ivy Pedestal Heated Bird Bath

Birds Choice Pedestal Heated Bird

Birds Choice Ivy Pedestal Heated Bird Bath

This is a decorative pedestal-style bird bath. Its 3 legs are done in elaborate scrollwork with ivy leaf details.

This bird bath can be detached from the legs and mounted on a wooden deck railing instead. The package comes with its own deck mount bracket and other needed hardware.

The bowl is shallow and wide enough to hold made from 50% recycled ABS plastic.


  • Thermostatically-controlled heating element
  • Warms water even in very cold winter temperatures
  • Easy to clean


  • Electric cord is short — only about 2 feet long
  • Need to separately purchase an outdoor electrical protection

Best Mid-range heated bird bath

API 600 20-Inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl (no stand)

API 600 20-Inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath Bowl (no stand)

API (Allied Precision Industries) 600 model

This heated bird bath has a built-in thermostat for convenient regulation of the water temperature. It can warm the water even on very cold winter days with its 150-watt heating element.

The rim is specially designed for small talons. It mimics the shape of small birds’ natural perch for easy and comfortable perching.

The bow is made of hard resin. This can last for many years despite repeated exposure to extreme cold temperatures.

This bird bath does not come with a stand though. Underneath the bowl is a clamp that mounts the bird bath on a deck or patio railing.


  • Tested function at -20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Thermostat control for lower cost of power consumption
  • Good traction


  • Might tip when full of water
  • Takes around 1 hour to heat the water
  • Mounting hardware limited for a square post

Best inexpensive heated bird bath

Farm Innovators Model FS-1 Four Seasons Heated Birdbath, 70-Watt

Farm Innovators Model FS-1 Four Seasons Heated Birdbath, 70-Watt

Farm Innovators Model FS-1

This model is designed for use throughout the 4 seasons. It has a 70-watt motor that keeps the water from freezing. It has thermostatic controls to control power consumption.

On warmer weather, the bird bath can be unplugged and the cord tucked away. It can then serve as a regular bird bath.

The bowl is sand-coated to mimic a natural puddle on the ground. This coating also helps the birds’ talons to have better grip.

This is good for those want a more natural-looking bird bath that can be camouflaged on the ground. It can also be mounted on the porch railing.

This model does not come with its own stand.

The bowl dimensions are 3.5 inches high, 18.5 inches wide and 25.8 inches long. It is made of plastic.


  • Nice, natural-looking design
  • Keeps water from freezing, even at environmental sub-zero temperatures (as low as -20F)
  • Lightweight and easy to clean


  • Warranty does not cover the coating
  • Cord too short
  • A bit fussier to clean because of the sand-coating

Other models to consider

Aside from these best models from different price ranges, these models are also worth considering for your bird bath.

Farm Innovators Model GBD-75 3-In-1 Heated Birdbath, 75-Watt, Green

Farm Innovators Model GBD-75 3-In-1 Heated Birdbath, 75-Watt, Green

Farm Innovators GBD-75

The most distinguishing characteristics of this model is its durability. It can last for several seasons.

The design is very sleek and simple but functions quite well. It has a powder-coated, rust-free finish with a plastic insert for easy cleaning.

This is a very versatile piece. This model comes with 3 mounting options. It can be used as a post/deck mount, a clamp mount or ground placement bird bath.

The water temperature is controlled through the internal thermostat controls. This helps conserve electricity consumption as this allows the thermostat to turn on only when necessary.


  • Plastic insert in the bowl (can be lifted off) for easy cleaning
  • Tested to function as cold as -10F (-23C)
  • Lightweight, easy to mount


  • Very short cord length, only 10 inches
  • A little too shallow
  • May require frequent refills
Allied Precision Industries (970) 20-Inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand

Allied Precision Industries (970) 20-Inch Diameter Heated Bird Bath with Metal Stand

Allied Precision Industries Model 970

The diameter of the bowl is 20 inches and can hold water up to 2 inches deep. This is perfect depth to keep any bird, even the small ones, from drowning.

The rim is shaped and the surface is textured to provide comfortable perch for small talons. The gradual sloping of the bowl encourages birds to bathe.

The material is sturdy. It remains crack-proof even when exposed to sub-zero environmental conditions.

It has a built-in thermostat that can keep the water from freezing even on the coldest winter days. The heating element of the bird bath can warms the water to 40F to 50F.

The product comes with a 15-inch power cord and a metal stand. The stand is 30 inches tall and made of metal.


  • Lightweight for easy lifting during cleaning
  • Simple design that can easily blend with any surroundings


  • Less attractive design compared to most other bird baths
  • Legs may seem too thin and spindly
  • Need to be placed on solid surface as thin legs may sink in muddy or soft ground
Allied Precision Industries 650 Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Bracket

Allied Precision Industries 650 Heated Bird Bath with Mounting Bracket

Allied Precision Industries Mounted Heated Bird Baths

The bowl is meant for mounting on a rail of the deck or porch. The mounting bracket is clamp-on style. It also has a sturdy hinge that makes cleaning easy and convenient. Simply tip the bowl over to its side carefully to dump dirty or old water then refill.

The bowl is made of heavy resin plastic material. It is durable and can hold up to varying conditions. It can hold water up to 2 inches deep. Birds can easily wade in and bathe or warm their feet.

The water is kept liquid even at sub-zero temperatures by the built-in thermostat. The heater is 120-volts operating on 150-watts of power.

This bird bath can still be used in warmer weather. Simply unplug the power cord, which is found underneath the bowl. Tuck the cord out of sight.


  • Simple cleanup
  • Holds a good amount of water for several birds at a time
  • Good for year-round use


  • Might lean on one side if not properly mounted
  • Water temperature is not cold but not warm either, just maintained at a “not freezingly cold” level
Farm Innovators Model BD-601 Heated Birdbath with Pedestal - Terra Cotta, 75-Watt

Farm Innovators Model BD-601 Heated Birdbath with Pedestal – Terra Cotta, 75-Watt

Farm Innovators BD-601

This is a pedestal-style bird bath. The bowl is made of plastic but looks like a decorative shallow terra cota. Bowl dimensions are 4.25 inches by 15 inches by 15 inches.


  • Thermostatically controlled for more control over energy consumption
  • Rust-proof with powder-coated finish
  • Can keep water from freezing even at temperatures as low as -20F (-28C)


  • Smaller bowl size, might require frequent refills
  • Power cord connection right under the bowl
  • Too high for small critters to use


Bird baths attract birds and small critters to your area. It is a way to give these creatures liquid water during the winter, for them to drink and to bathe in. There are many options to choose from, from expensive ones to cheap ones. Your foremost consideration should how the birds would feel using them. It should warm the water enough to give fresh, liquid water even in the coldest days. It also has to be convenient for you to assemble, clean and maintain.

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