Best Shovel to Remove Sod

One of the hardest parts of taking care of a lawn or turf is removing sod. Many different things are needed to accomplish this. Often times, if done wrong, you may end up destroying your lawn. Also, there are several different ways to go about removing sod. For this reason, getting confused in all the madness is very easy. To remove sod, you need to have a tool that is strong, durable, and capable of cutting through deep rooted grass.


Finding a shovel with these aspects is hard to do. Many different tools are available that making removing sod easier. However, the shovel is often a neglected tool in terms of doing this. Nevertheless, Bully Tools has stepped up to provide a great sod lifter. The design of this shovel is very strange and unique. It is great for removing sod, so let’s get right into it.


More About Bully Tools

Who is Bully Tools and what made them create such a unique shovel for removing sod? Bully Tools has been around since 1994. They specialize in making gardening and farm tools. Many years of experience has brought them to the point that they are today. All of their products are made in the United States by American workers. It is one of their greatest accomplishes and they pride themselves in this fact.

High quality tools have been manufactured by Bully Tools over the years giving them immense success. Other than gardening and farming tools, they also provide shingle removers, floor scrapers, forestry, and other specialty tools. Making specialty tools is what led them to produce this 12 gauge sod lifter. Their constant need to innovate and conform to customer needs also played a big role in creating this shovel.


Bully Tools’ 92390 12-Gauge Sod Lifter

Bully Tools' 92390 12-Gauge Sod Lifter

Best Shovel to Remove Sod: Bully Tools’ 92390 12-Gauge Sod Lifter

Now, let’s take a more in-depth look at Bully Tools sod lifter. First and foremost, sticking to a major aspect of Bully Tools, this tool was made in American the entire way. You can think of the tool as grinder or file that eats away at sod. It is composed of a triple wall fiberglass. The reinforcement is necessary to make sure that the pole does not break when cutting through tough sod. Fiberglass is used to make the design still light-weight even through all the reinforcement. Anyone can make use of this shovel.

The famous D-shaped handle gives you great grip and control over the sod lifter itself. Even with all the durability provided by this shovel, Bully Tools still offers a lifetime warranty if anything goes wrong. The blade is 12 gauge thick and composed of complete steel. It can be used for your home, but it is also commercial grade.

What Makes Bully Tools’ Products So Great?

Now that you have seen this amazing tool and what it is capable of, let’s go back to Bully Tools as a company. Why would anyone want to buy one of their products? Well, despite the fact that every single product they produce is manufactured in America, you have a company that  has been around for years and has many supporters and testimonies to their great quality. Each tool is design to last for multiple years. This alone saves you money.

They have also experienced the change of technology over several years and have highly experienced engineers among the company. Redesigning and innovating is part of who Bully Tools are. Durability, efficiency, and money saving are only a few aspects that Bully Tools is great at accomplishing. They have so much faith in the design of their products that they offer lifetime warranties on them. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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