Best Shovel for Planting Trees

So, you are interested in planting trees but are unsure of which shovel that you need to use? No worries, we have you covered. Looking through the several types of shovels available can be a daunting task. But, you really should only focus on two specific types of shovels when thinking about planting trees. First, a shovel with a long narrow blade such as a tile shovel is a great fit. It works to loosen soil and start the hole. Then, you have the round point shovel which makes getting loose dirt out easier. Whichever stage you are at for planting trees will decide which shovel you will want to get. However, most are just starting and will want to try and get a tile shovel. Scooping up loose dirt can be done with any wide shovel.

The best shovel for planting trees on the market today is Root Assassin’s Shovel & Saw Combo. It offers a patented unique design that you will not find any where else. The design works to make digging holes for planting trees much easier and faster.

Information About Root Assassin

Root Assassin can be seen as the innovators of the gardening industry. They focus on creating new and unique products that have a specific purpose. While most other companies focus on reinventing the wheel and releasing products that are similar to traditional products, Root Assassin takes the risk and targets customer needs.

That is how the Shovel and Saw combo came about. Mixing two different tools almost seems like blasphemy. However, since Root Assassin has a history of producing unique products like this, it was well accepted.

Root Assassin has only been around for 3 years and since their start, they have tried to focus on making the most efficient tools on the market. They make this work through their thorough research on different gardening techniques and their work with professional grade minds. Combining style, durability, utility, ergonomics, and affordability, Root Assassin has become a popular brand name in the gardening and landscaping industry.


Why Buy Root Assassin’s Shovel & Saw Combo?

Let’s take a closer look at the Root Assassin Shovel & Saw Combo itself.

Root Assassin's Shovel & Saw Combo

Best Shovel for Planting Trees: Root Assassin’s Shovel & Saw Combo


One of Root Assassin’s main goals is to produce unique designs on their gardening products. This provides better usability and efficiency as well. As you may notice, the design of the shovel head has a long narrow blade that we are looking for in a good tree planting shovel. The additional teeth on the side of the blade make it much easier to dig through different types of soil. They work especially well for cutting through any roots that may be in your way. It also has the traditional stepping feature that most shovels have. The way the teeth are made, they will cut both on the way down and the way up, providing optimal efficiency and cutting down digging time. Keep in mind that this is a patented shovel design. So, you will only be able to find a shovel like this with Root Assassin.


While most shovels are fairly heavy and not as easily transportable, Root Assassin has taken this into consideration. The shovel only weighs 4 pounds so you should have no issues carrying it around and planting trees all day with it. This makes it great for both commercial and personal use.


Root Assassin stands behind their high quality standards so much that they offer a lifetime replacement guarantee. This shovel was designed to last for a long time and has high durability. As such, Root Assassin has no problem offering a no questions asked guarantee like this. It is also great to have in the back of your mind when going through with the purchase. This completely removes the worry of the shovel breaking and you losing out on money.


When digging for planting trees, you may have run into many different roots being in your way. This resulted in you having to pull out a pick axe before continuing to dig. Now, that is not an issue. The teeth are extremely strong and can cut through roots easily. Using one tool to get the job done is much more efficient then using two or more.


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