Best Shovel for Backpacking

Camping is a wonderful hobby. It is a fun excursion that you can make both alone and with friends. Either way, being prepared is essential. Many people skip out on carrying a handy shovel with them. Most people do not think it will help them out in nature. However, they could not be further from wrong. Having a good shovel on you while hiking or camping can make a big difference. Luckily, you do not have to look any further to find the best shovel for backpacking.

Outdoor Products Hand Shovel

Outdoor Products Hand Shovel

Best Shovel for Backpacking: Outdoor Products Hand Shovel

The most appealing thing about Outdoor Products standard Hand Shovel is its astounding durability. It is a tight knit and simple designed product. The size only helps support its stability and durability. Made from stainless steel, the hand shovel also folds allowing for extremely easy storing. To add on to this ease, the shovel also comes with its own carrying case.

The durability provide by this nice steel frame shovel lets you dig through all types of tough ground. So, no matter where you are on your hike or during your camping trip, you can rely on this shovel to get the job done. The sheath is made out of nylon.

Tentlab Deuce of Spades Potty Trowel

Tentlab Deuce of Spades Potty Trowel

Best Shovel for Backpacking: Tentlab Deuce of Spades Potty Trowel

The Tentlab Deuce of Spades is known for its extreme lightweight design. Coming in at only .6 ounces, it is very easy to forget that this shovel is on you. This makes it the perfect companion for carrying around in your backpack. For a better visualization of how much this shovel weighs, think of holding 3.5 teaspoons of water and you will understand.

Designing a shovel like this takes a lot of thought. With the unique design employed by this shovel, you get almost 4 times the digging power when using this shovel compared to others on the market. The handle down design is truly revolutionary. It also consists of a large scoop that makes digging through sticks and tent stakes easy. It is also durable, made from aluminum. You can expect flexibility though based on its thin and light weight design.

Grizzly Peak Ultra Lightweight 11″ Backpacker’s Trowel


Grizzly Peak Ultra Lightweight 11" Backpacker's Trowel

Best Shovel for Backpacking: Grizzly Peak Ultra Lightweight 11″ Backpacker’s Trowel

Grizzly Peak designs backpacking tools in specific. They are a company that loves the outdoors. With this type of background, you can only imagine the type of quality you will get with their ultra lightweight shovel. The thing about this designed when compared to the Tentlab’s shovel is that this one is much cheaper. This can be both a good and bad thing though. The construction of this shovel is plastic but it does stay hard while digging in soil.

A great feature to have on this shovel is the depth gauge you can see on the face of the shovel. This lets you get a better reading on how far you are digging with each scoop. The design also features a rubber thumb grip that lets you have much more control than other backpacking shovels. This shovel weighs a little under 2 ounces so it will never weigh you down while hiking or camping.


Which is the Best Shovel for Backpacking?

Depending on what else you will be carrying for your backpack, you might want to choose a light weight design. As such, Outdoor Products Hand Shovel may not be a great fit for you. It is extremely durable and will last you many years nonetheless. Having that extra security to be able to dig in any type of ground is almost too good to give up. So, if you do not mind having a little bit heavier shovel on your back, it is definitely the shovel to go with. Otherwise, we highly recommend getting Tentlab’s Deuce of Spades trowel. The lightweight design makes it though it is not there. It mixes the best of all backpacking shovels together into one.

You will find that even though it is very light weight, it is also durable. This allows for you to have something on your back that doesn’t feel like its there, but is extremely useful for many different situations. The design also gives you more control and power to use when digging. It is truly a great backpacking shovel.

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