Best Shovel for Digging in Rocky Soil

  • The best shovel for digging in rocky soil is Seymour’s S710 Super Shovel. It has unique cutting teeth that make digging easier and offers a cushion grip located on the fiberglass handle for extra comfort.
  • For covering more ground and an extra durable blade, the True Temper Digging Shovel offers a weather resistant handle at a great price.
  • To get a bit more target focused digging going, have a narrower shovel head with a nice point is needed. AMES Round Point Shovel provides a great balance as well as offers great durability.

We have all run into the issue of hitting rock soil while digging. It is an annoyance that is almost unavoidable. As such, finding the best shovel for digging in rocky soil is a quest that many take. Now, we have compiled a list for you to refer to that contains some of the best shovels on the market for doing just this.


Seymour S710 48-Inch Fiberglass Super Shovel

Seymour S710 48-Inch Fiberglass Super Shovel

Best Shovel for Digging in Rocky Soil: Seymour S710 48-Inch Fiberglass Super Shovel

At first glance, you may notice the unique design that Seymour’s Super Shovel has. This is the main reason that the Super Shovel is the best shovel for digging in rocky soil on our list. The design makes it much easier to dig through rocky soil that otherwise may have been giving you a challenge. It also comes with the standard fiberglass handle and cushion grip.

The teeth help with more than just rocky soil as well. You can also easily dig through roots and clay soil if need be. The great thing about this shovel is that when all other shovels have failed, you can always count on this one to get the job done. It is important to keep in mind though that the sharp teeth on this shovel can cut through wires and underground lines just as easy as any root.


True Temper Digging Shovel

True Temper Digging Shovel

Best Shovel for Digging in Rocky Soil: True Temper Digging Shovel

A sleek black design, the True Temper Digging shovel offers a step that will give you secure footing. It is weather-resistant so if you do get caught in the rain or accidentally leave your shovel out in the rain, you do not have to worry. The 47-inch fiberglass handle is tough and built for durability. The shovel has a medium weight, so it is not the lightest on the market, but it is definitely not the heaviest.

The great thing about the True Temper shovel is that it can be used for digging in rocky soil, but it is also multi-purpose. Typically, with shovels that have this long of a handle, it is hard to find stability. However, True Temper gives great stability with their shovel. The quality and the price of this shovel is hard to beat out.

AMES Round Point Shovel

AMES Round Point Shovel

Best Shovel for Digging in Rocky Soil: AMES Round Point Shovel

AMES provides a great round point shovel that comes with a reinforced fiberglass handle. This extends down into the steel blade shovel offering extended durability and strength. This is great for digging in rocky soil and makes it much easier. The cushion grip also provides great comfort. Most shovels at this price range tend to fall apart soon. That is why AMES decided to go with a fiberglass design to make it last longer. Traditional wood shovels just could not last long enough. The AMES Companies is known for making high quality shovels for all types of digging.


Which is the Best Shovel for Digging in Rocky Soil?

The Seymore S710 Fiberglass Super Shovel wins this competition for the best shovel. Its design is hard to look past when working through hard soil. It also provides a great means of cutting through anything else such as roots and clay soil. The versatility is unbeatable. You should be careful to not cut your foot or underground lines. The price point may be a little high for some looking for a shovel, however, it is very much worth it. Stability and comfort are provided with the design of the shovel. After using the Super Shovel once, you will understand why it is the best shovel for digging in rocky soil on the market today.

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