The Best Rice Cooker for Sticky Rice

What is Sticky Rice?

Before looking at the best rice cooker for sticky rice, we should find out exactly what sticky rice is. Sticky rice, or glutinous rice, is distinctly different from regular white rice. Sticky rice is actually a shorter grain of rice that is grown in South Asia. This type of rice contains only one component of starch: amylopectin. Other types of rice contain two components of starch: amylose and amylopectin. Without this second component, it makes the rice particularly sticky. Regular white rice is grown in the very wetland. Glutinous rice doesn’t require as much water to grow, so you can find it growing in high or low land in South Asia. Sticky rice has been grown for over 2,000 years.

Glutinous rice is usually steamed instead of boiled since it does not require as much water. Sticky rice actually does not contain any gluten, therefore if you are on a gluten-free diet, you can eat sticky rice! Sticky rice can also come in a variety of colors, including purple or even black. Glutinous rice can be used as a side dish, a meal, a dessert, a drink and sometimes in powder form as a breakfast item. Whatever you use sticky rice for should be cooked in the best sticky rice cooker, so let’s get to it!

The Best Rice Cooker for Sticky Rice: The M.V Trading Sticky Rice Steamer Pot

The Best Rice Cooker for Sticky Rice: The M.V Trading Sticky Rice Steamer Pot

With the M.V Trading Sticky Rice Steamer, you will get the full, authentic experience of cooking sticky rice. This method of cooking sticky rice has been around for centuries. Not only is this rice cooker authentic, but it is extremely affordable. Coming in at around $22.00, virtually anyone could afford this rice cooker. The M.V Trading Sticky Rice Steamer is a true pot used to steam rice in Thailand. The pot itself is made of aluminum, therefore it will not be heavy to pick up or clean. It is customized for American stovetops, therefore you know it will fit with no problem. Since it is larger, you will be able to make large amounts of rice for parties, events or a large family.

The M.V Trading Sticky Rice Steamer Pot also comes with an authentic, hand-woven basket imported from Thailand. The basket is woven from lovely reeds and sewn on the top, therefore it will last for years to come. The basket is also 100% natural wood. To get the greatest experience from this rice cooker, the company has provided some instructions on how to cook sticky rice in the basket:

  1. Soak the sticky rice overnight.
  2. Add the sticky rice to the bamboo basket, then find something to cover the basket with.
  3. Add water to the steam pot, then place the basket over the steam pot.
  4. Cook the rice on medium heat.
  5. When the rice becomes soft and stickier, stir it to heat all the rice up.

The Feedback: How Great is This Sticky Rice Cooker?

Many people have stated that the M.V Trading Steam Pot works perfectly. It is a simple way to cook sticky rice in a traditional way. People have suggested letting the pot soak in water to make the cleaning process much easier. Others have also stated that it is durable but thin enough to boil the water quickly.

On the other hand, some have mentioned it is somewhat difficult to clean this pot due to the size of it since it does not fit well in a traditional sink. They have also mentioned that it is too large to store in your kitchen as you would traditional pots and pans. Overall, the only negative side to this sticky rice cooker is the size of it.

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