Best Office Chair for Bad Hips

  • Keeping your hips feeling good is a plus, but having a chair that supports your back as well gives you a great office chair for bad hips. Steelcase offers just this with their Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair.
  • Office chairs that work to reduce hip pain can be expensive. For anyone who needs a great design but is on a budget, Alera’s Elusion Series Mesh Multi-function Office Chair is a great choice. The back angle is adjustable and the mesh offers a breathable and comfortable chair.
  • All around adjustability can provide extra comfort for those with bad hips. For the money, you could not go wrong with Ergohuman’s High Back Swivel Office Chair. It has a beautiful chrome base and adjustable headrest that i

Many people suffer from bad hips. It is a common issue that is something most people just have to deal with. This does not mean that you can not buy products that will help with the issue, however. Find the best office chair for bad hips is not as difficult as it sounds. Most office chairs are designed to accommodate hip problems since they are so common. There are additional features available though that can put one chair above another.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Office Chair

Steelcase Leap Fabric Office Chair

Best Office Chair for Bad Hips: Steelcase Leap Fabric Office Chair

Steelcase has developed a system using livelumbar technology that allows for the back to conform to yours. This offers maximum back support and comfort. The way this system works is it mimics the spines natural shape throughout the day as you sit in the chair. So, as you fidget and move, the chair will automatically adjust to your back. This is a revolutionary technology and ensures maximum comfort at all time.

The steelcase leap fabric office chair also features a natural glide system. Reclining pushes the chair forward by itself so that you can still see your work while reclined. Adjusting positions while working is great for the spine. Staying in position puts a lot of pressure on the spine that can make sitting uncomfortable. The seating is very comfortable and light on the hips and so this chair is an excellent fit for anyone with bad hips.


Alera Elusion Series Mesh Multi-function Office Chair

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Multi-function Office Chair

Best Office Chair for Bad Hips: Alera Elusion Series Mesh Multi-function Office Chair

Alera offers a great budget office chair that accommodates those with bad hips. The multi-functional design offers a back angle adjustment and adjustable tilt for the most comfortable sitting position. The cushion is extremely soft and comfortable. To add to this, the mesh backing will keep air flowing while you sit for long amounts of time in the chair. This prevents sweating and overheating.

The seat is contoured and has a waterfall edge that removes pressure and stress on the legs. This also helps with hip pressure.

Ergohuman High Back Swivel Office Chair


Ergohuman High Back Swivel Office Chair

Best Office Chair for Bad Hips: Ergohuman High Back Swivel Office Chair

For the most premium price, Ergohuman has design a high quality chair that does way more than relieve hip pain. This high back swivel chair includes back angle adjustment allowing for 3 different position tilt locks. No matter which position you find most comfortable, you will fall in love with this chair. It also comes with tension control. Every adjustable setting works to make sure you are the most comfortable while sitting in this chair. The cylinder included allows for quick and easy transitions between raising and lowering the chair.

The back, seat cushion, and headrest are also adjustable. Fit the chair completely to the style that you want to see. The height adjustable lumbar system works well for long term sitting in the chair. There is also a built in synchro-tile mechanism that automatically changes the seat depth so that you are correctly sitting in the chair at all times and getting the support you need. Each armrest pivots and is also adjustable.

Which is the Best Office Chair for Bad Hips?

Bad hips can be caused by many different issues. So, what aspect of an office chair will help with bad hips? Overall comfort and being able to adjust the chair to your specific needs plays a big role. That is why Ergohuman’s office chair is by far the best office chair for bad hips. It is truly adjustable in all aspects of the design. With so many different options to make the chair fit you perfectly, it is hard to not choose this chair over the others. Although the price point is extremely high, we believe it is the best option to make sure you can work without having to worry about your hips.



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