The Best Window Fan for Smoking

Smoking Inside: How Will a Window Fan Help Me?

Window fans can help prevent the smell of smoke around your home. It can even protect your family members or children from second-hand smoke. Second-hand smoke can be inhaled by any burning tobacco product near you. Second-hand smoke is usually found outside near restaurants, bars and inside homes. We understand it is a habit for some people, but you do not have to expose your loved ones to the thousands of toxic chemicals cigarettes are made of. Second-hand smoke exposure can cause many health issues, including:

  • Asthma attacks
  • Heart disease
  • Lung cancer
  • Strokes
  • Respiratory diseases

Therefore, this is where the window fan comes in. This particular window fan has a special filter that filters out all the toxic chemicals in the air. Now, please keep in mind this fan will only filter out the air it can reach. This fan will be best suited for someone who smokes in one specific room, like a bedroom. Any smoking in a vehicle or other rooms the air cannot reach will not be filtered out. This way, you still have the ability to smoke inside, but you will not be endangering your loved ones’ health. This fan is also nice for people who have recently moved into a home that was previously owned by a smoker.

The Best Window Fan For Smoking: The Weller WSA350 120 Volt

Weller WSA350 120 Volt: The Best Fan for Smoking

The Best Fan for Smoking: The Weller WSA350 120 Volt

The Weller WSA350 120 Volt has an activated carbon fiber filter, which sucks up all unwanted fumes, smoke or other airborne toxins. Carbon is essentially the same as charcoal. Activated charcoal is treated with oxygen to open up all the tiny little pores that hide between carbon’s atoms. The activated charcoal is used to absorb colors or smells from liquid or gases. Since the filter absorbs all these impurities in the air, it does have to be replaced once there is no more room inside the filter. That is not necessarily a negative thing since all air filters must be replaced eventually. It even comes with a spare filter.

The Weller WSA350 is also a quiet, neutral fan. So you will not have to worry about excessive noise inside your household or bedroom.  It is also adjustable to various angles, therefore it will fit into your household space with no problem. Weighing in at only two pounds, it can be lifted, adjusted, or moved by virtually anyone without causing strain.

The Weller WSA350 120 Volt can serve as a multi-purpose fan. Not only can you use this fan inside your home for smoking, but you can also use it in the garage or your work environment. If you find yourself around a workbench on a regular basis, this fan can keep any fumes from tools or materials away from you. This way, you can continue your work without struggling to breathe or worrying about inhaling the fumes.

The Feedback: How Great is This Fan?

Many customers have even said that it works great for absorbing beauty related toxins, like hairspray fumes, nail polish fumes, etc. Customers stated that this is a great fan. You can visibly see the impurities being absorbed into the filter. They also said it is great for people smoking in an indoor space and absorbing soldering fumes. Many people have also said it is a great product for the money and the replacement filters are inexpensive. Most people agree: this is a great absorbing fan for the price point.

Others have stated that the Weller WSA350 has to be relatively close to the smoke to be able to absorb it. A few customers stated they had some issues with the fan working after a few months. Some have said the fan was slightly loud, but some have said it is not. I think this con is based on perspective. Some have also said the fan can be slightly large for the area it is being used in. In reality, everyone has different opinions on what is loud or too big for their space, so it is all based on how the customer feels.





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