The Best Vacuum For Long-Pile Carpet

When it comes to vacuuming, there are numerous things that could be stuck in your carpet: pet hair, dust, dirt and even food. When you have loved ones in your household, you want it to be the cleanest it possibly can for your family. Therefore, we searched all across the web for the best vacuum for long-pile carpet. Check out what we found below.

The Best Corded Vacuum For Long Pile Carpet: The Bissell 9595A Cleanview

The Bissell 9595A Cleanview: The Best Corded Vacuum For Long-Pile Carpet

The Best Corded Vacuum For Long-Pile Carpet: The Bissell 9595A Cleanview

Long-pile carpet is not always easy to clean. But don’t worry, the Bissell 9595A Cleanview has got your back. With this bagless design, you will not have to worry about buying new bags or overfilling your bags. With a built-in, large dirt holder, you simply dump it into the trash can when you are done vacuuming. In addition, it also has a washable, foam filter and a multi-level filter. The Bissell 9595A Cleanview uses a cyclonic system, which aids in powerful suction. Weighing in at fifteen pounds, this vacuum cleaner may be one of the lightest corded vacuums on the market. The innovative brush design rotates down inside the carpet for a deeper, more thorough cleaning.

This vacuum cleaner also comes with a TurboBrush. The TurboBrush is designed for furniture, stairs, or any other hard to reach places. It also has a 25-foot power cord, which results in fewer trips back to the outlet to plug in and unplug the cord. Not only are you purchasing an excellent vacuum, but it also comes with an Extension Wand, a Dusting Brush, and a Crevice Tool. The Extension Wand works great for ceiling fans or other high areas. The Dusting Brush is a small, delicate tool for lampshades or other smaller items. The Crevice Tool will get downs in any cracks along the walls or counters that you cannot reach with the vacuum cleaner. The Bissell 9595A Cleanview comes with a two-year limited warranty.

The Feedback

Many customers are very pleased with the suction power this vacuum provides. Some customers even stated that the carpet was lifting off the ground because the vacuum cleaner was so powerful. Numerous customers also loved how easy the Bissell 9595A Cleanview was to assemble right out of the box. A few purchasers also did a test: they vacuumed their carpet with their old vacuum, then with the new Bissell, and they were so shocked on how well this vacuum cleans. They also loved that this vacuum was top notch for a great price.

Some people have commented on the cord design. They did not like that the cord pops out of the bottom of the vacuum, near the floor. The stated that it can cause you to step on the cord and it becomes a hassle. Some also feel the bagless design can be more work than using a vacuum with bags in it.

The Best Cordless Vacuum For Long-Pile Carpet: The Dyson V8 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum

The Best Cordless Vacuum For Long-Pile Carpet: The Dyson V8 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum

The Best Cordless Vacuum For Long-Pile Carpet: The Dyson V8 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum

When you have a large house, it can become a hassle to constantly unplug or plug in your vacuum cleaner. That’s where a cordless vacuum cleaner comes in. The Dyson V8 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum is cord-free, which means it is hassle-free. All you have to do is make sure it is charged up and turn it on! This vacuum also comes with a bagless concept. Once you feel your vacuum is full, simply unsnap the bin area and dump it out. No touching dirt or any other allergens. With its stiff, nylon bristles, all dirt and allergens hiding deep inside your carpet will be forced out. The Dyson V8 Animal Cord-Free Vacuum hosts fade-free lithium-ion batteries, which means the suction is always powerful, whether its tomorrow or two years from now.

This vacuum also has Whole Machine HEPA Filtration. This filtration picks up all allergens and pushes out air even cleaner than the air inside your home. With its 15 cyclones, this vacuum has increased airflow and captures even fine dust and dirt. Weighing in right under six pounds, this vacuum is truly light-weight. Along with all these great features comes even more features. The Dyson V8 Animal transforms into a hand-held vacuum or a high-up cleaner. With the easy transformation, this vacuum cleaner can help you clean your high corners, stairs and even furniture. It even comes with a wall mounted docking station to charge your vacuum at.

The Feedback

With 90% of purchasers rating this vacuum 4 or 5 stars, it has to be the best. Many customers loved that the Dyson V8 Animal is extremely lightweight. Since it is not heavy, many people are more motivated to clean their floors more often. Purchasers have also mentioned that the battery life is impressive for such a small and powerful vacuum cleaner. Many customers feel that the docking station is extremely easy to use. Overall, purchasers say it is an investment, but it is worth every penny they spent on this vacuum.

Some purchasers do not like the fact that you have to hold the power button down on the handle the whole time they are vacuuming. Some also wish the Max Power mode would last slightly longer.

The Best Hand-Held Vacuum: The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser: The Best Hand-Held Vacuum

The Best Hand-Held Vacuum: The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser

Hand-held vacuums are always helpful, whether it’s for furniture, stairs or even small corners. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser features a dirt chamber, so you can easily dump all pet hair and dirt out without any hassle. This vacuum is also cordless, so you can take it anywhere in your house. It also has a dual-filtration system, which helps prolong the filters life and make your cleaning experience easier. The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser comes with three separate attachments. The Motorized Brush provides strong suction, along with specific bristles for a deep clean. The Crevice Tool works well for the very small corners that can collect pet hair and dirt. The Upholstery Tool is a must-have for soft surfaces, such as furniture or sheets. With this tool’s soft design, it will grab all your pet hair without causing trouble to your soft surfaces.

The Feedback

A few customers mentioned that if you have problems with your hands, this is a perfect vacuum for you. Since it is so light, people with arthritis or other hand and wrist issues should have no trouble with it. Many customers even stated that it picks up pet hair from deep surfaces even better than some Shark hand-held vacuums. Other purchasers stated that the vacuum seems to be able to run for hours, which is great for the battery life. Overall, the majority of the customers loved their purchase and use it very often.

A few customers have had trouble with the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser holding a charge when it first came out of the box. This could be a regular manufacturer defect. All of them were offered a new vacuum in place of the old one. Some customers have stated that it does not pick up every bit of pet hair. It all depends on how long you vacuum, how much hair there is, etc.


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