The Best Stethoscope For the Hearing Impaired

Medical professionals rely on Stethoscopes to examine their patients on a regular basis. The use of Stethoscopes requires superb listening skills to identify if there is anything wrong with a patient. When your hearing is impaired, it can often become very difficult for you to be able to listen for these keen noises. This is where Amplified Stethoscopes come in. Before we discuss the best stethoscope for the hearing impaired, let’s first look at the different types of stethoscopes.

There are two different types of Stethoscopes: Acoustic Stethoscopes and Electronic Stethoscopes. Acoustic Stethoscopes are your standard, chest to ear listening device connected by a hollow tube. Acoustic’s are designed to be able to hear very low-frequency sounds, such as heartbeats and breathing. Electronic Stethoscopes work practically the same way as Acoustic Stethoscopes, but Electronic Stethoscopes are battery operated. Electronic’s are designed to amplify the sounds meant to be heard traditionally. Therefore, any Stethoscope you purchase for hearing impairment will be electronic, since it will amplify any sounds you are supposed to be hearing. Now that we have discussed the types of Stethoscopes, let’s look at the best Stethoscope for hearing impaired.

The Best Stethoscope For the Hearing Impaired: The Passionate Care Premium Stethoscope

The Best Stethoscope For the Hearing Impaired: The Passionate Care Premium Scope

When you go through years of schooling and residency to become a healthcare worker, you do not want to lose your hard earned credibility or patient relationships due to hearing impairment. If you are hearing impaired, the Passionate Care Premium Scope is the best solution for you. Not only is this Stethoscope well priced, but it is well made as well. This scope is designed to be comfortable to wear around your neck or grip in your hands. The earpieces are made with very soft material, so you can wear them all day in complete comfort. They also have a tight seal so you can hear everything you’re focusing on without distracting background noise.

The Passionate Care Premium Scope has a two-sided bell! This two-sided bell provides you with the ability to assess which side gives you optimum hearing abilities. Once you select which side you want to use, you can simply twist the Stethoscope to block off the other side of the bell. This way, you are only hearing noise out of the side you choose to use. Not only does this scope have multiple sides, but it is also very lightweight, which makes carrying it around the office or hospital extremely easy. This scope is designed to amplify all sounds, therefore, if you are hearing impaired, you will be able to hear all noises at a normal level.

The Feedback

There is a reason 88% of purchasing customers have recommended this Stethoscope for hearing impairment over any other Stethoscope. Many purchasing customers love how well priced the Passionate Care Premium Scope is. Most nice Stethoscopes cost over $150 dollars. This Stethoscope retails for $129, but it is actually on sale for $50 right now! You can’t beat a price like that. Many customers also love this Stethoscope over any other competitor Stethoscope for the quality of sound and the weightlessness to it. Many purchasers have mentioned how they can hear things in patients that no one else can. With this brand Stethoscope, you can even hear while you are moving inside an ambulance.

On the other hand, a few customers have complained that if you move a lot, the bell flips around and you have to re-adjust it. A couple other customers have stated that if you wear it often throughout the day, you might have to adjust your earpiece a few times over a shift.

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