Best Crutches for Hip Surgery

  • For portability and a more traditional style of crutches, Carex Folding Crutches are a great choice. They are light weight, fold-able, and extremely cheap compared to our other crutches.
  • If you are a taller individual, Better Walk Crutches can fit up to 6’4″ individuals. They have a unique design mixing both forearm crutches and underarm crutches for a comfortable fit.
  • Getting the best of all worlds, Ergobaum’s Prime 6th Generation Crutches will give you a beautiful under arm design that fits up to 6’6″ individuals for the highest price. It has a ptented design and is fully adjustable.

Hip surgery is very serious. Afterwards, you need to have proper recovery which makes walking around hard. Some are willing to use crutches to get around a few days after they have been cleared to walk. This is basically an additional safety net to be sure that they are good to walk. It is a very understandable decision. Now, the hard part comes in when trying to find a good pair of crutches for after the hip surgery. Finding the best crutches for hip surgery is a challenge, so we did it for you!


Carex Folding Crutches

Carex Folding Crutches

Best Crutches for Hip Surgery: Carex Folding Crutches

One of the biggest problems with traditional crutches is the portable of them. They are hard to carry around and often time are heavy. Carex noticed this issue and aimed to fix it. With a very premium design coming in at a great price, you can get their lightweight folding crutches. Coming in at only 5 pounds, you will never have any worries about carrying these crutches around adding extra weight on your hips.

They leave you with the least hassle. You do not need any more hassle after just having hip surgery. It also fits youth and shorter individuals all the way down to 4’11”.

Better Walk Crutches

Better Walk Crutches

Best Crutches for Hip Surgery: Better Walk Crutches

Sometimes, having both is better. That is the mindset behind Better Walk Crutches. The design mixes both standard crutches and forearm crutches together to distribute weight away from your lower body. This easily alleviates any pressure that may sit on your hip while using other crutches. This crutch was featured on Forbes, CNN, and at the White House. It has had a lot of exposure for bringing a unique design to the crutch industry.

It can support individuals from 5’5″ up to 6’4″ and has a weight limit of 300 pounds. The design of the forarms also remove any pressure that may be on your wrist. This patented design covers multiple angles of comfort. The standard looking side crutches work to support you by cradling your side rather than jabbing at your underarms.

Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation Crutches

Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation Crutches

Best Crutches for Hip Surgery: Ergobaum Prime 6th Generation Crutches

Technology has come a long way. Ergobaum had a mission to create a unique and exquisite crutch design and they have done just that. The 6th Generation Crutch has many features that reflect on the price point of this crutch. It is the latest of great products produced by Ergobaum and this crutch was designed by a surgeon. Many parts of the crutch are adjustable and it can fit heights from 5′ up to 6’6″. If you notice, the legs have a different style of bottom than standard crutches. This shock absorbing technology makes walking on the crutches much more comfortable and smooth.

The crutches themselves have a patented design that works to take away impact from multiple different angles. This is an excellent design for anyone who has just had hip surgery as you will find no pain will be added while using these crutches. To make these crutches even better, their are also multiple safety features. It comes with a safety horn, nightlight, and reflectors. The grip cushion is also adjustable. No other crutch has this type of feature. With a  built-in knee rest platform, it seems Ergobaum has thought of everything. Several adjustment options make allow for these crutches to fit almost any person with a weight limit of 350 pounds.


Which is the Best Crutches for Hip Surgery

Despite the price point, Ergobaum has designed a crutch that is hard to past up on. It provides the benefits from all other crutches while also adding in additional features that make it as expensive of a product. If you have just had hip surgery, you do not have time to worry about if the crutches you buy will fit for you. These crutches were designed for as many human beings as it could possibly be designed for. It has several safety features such as a night light and being the 6th edition in a lineup of crutches, you can see the experience from all previous iteration appearing in these crutches. The design works to remove pain and pressure from all angles of the crutches and that is something you will really need after getting hip surgery.

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