Best Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Greater Goods offers beautiful design along with a great cause. Giving back to the community with each sale, Greater Goods donates to Love146 which works to abolish human trafficking.
  • One of the most well-known blood pressure monitor companies, Omron, is perfect for anyone looking for quick readings on a unique design.
  • Extremely accurate readings is important to most people, so if you are one of those people who only want accuracy, iProven can give it to you with their double pulse detection algorithm.

Technology is improving fast. The days of old blood pressure monitors is over. Now, you can collect your results wireless on your phone and easily share it with your friends, family, and doctors. Being connected to others with a Bluetooth blood pressure monitor is almost too good to be true. There are many monitors available to you with Bluetooth capability, but these are the best.

Greater Goods Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

Greater Goods Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

Best Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitors: Greater Goods Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

Focusing on how important trends are to your health, Greater Goods bluetooth blood pressure monitor offers many great benefits when compared to traditional blood pressure monitors. It comes with two ways to power the monitor: battery and ac adapter. The cuff is made out of premium material and is extremely comfortable. To explain the name of the company, Greater Goods, partial proceeds from their blood pressure monitor sales go to Love146, an non-profit organization that works towards abolishing human trafficking. The Balance Health app is free to download and is the go to app for this device. Once downloaded, all results will automatically transfer once the app is opened.


Omron 7 Series Wireless Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor


Most people have heard of Omron when looking at blood pressure monitors. Omron is leading the blood pressure monitor industry with a strong charge. Their Omron 7 series wrist blood pressure monitor is no exception to this. Included with amazing Bluetooth functionality is unlimited readings on your phone and up to 100 readings on the device itself. There are also features for Heart Zone Guidance & Blood Pressure Level Indicator Bar.The accuracy provided by the Omron 7 series is unprecedented. The design is different from other blood pressure monitors as it wraps around the wrist. Blue and orange lights will allow for you to find the right spot to get the best results. The heartbeat section of your wrist needs to line up with it. Inflation automatically starts once the monitor is at the right location.

iProven Blood Pressure Monitor

iProven Blood Pressure Monitor

Best Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitors: iProven Blood Pressure Monitor

iProven offers a beautifully designed blood pressure monitor that works well through bluetooth. It has a double pulse detection algorithm in place for extremely accurate measuring. The double measure features provides accurate results. With a measuring during inflation system, readings come out quickly in about 30 seconds. This increase in reading speed does not hurt the accuracy of the readings at all. American Heart Association readings are automatically compared to your results to make sure any irregularities are spotted right away. The cuff is one of the largest on the market ranging from 9-inches to 17-inches. The device works for Apple and iOS devices. You can use the app on iPhone 5 through iPhone 6 Plus and SE.


Best Bluetooth Blood Pressure Monitor

The best Bluetooth blood pressure monitor is Omron’s 7 series due to its many ratings and reviews. They have been a leading company in the blood pressure industry and continue to produce high quality products. Their Omron 7 Series is no exception to this. The Bluetooth capability mixed in with their great design backed by many years of experience makes the device exceptional.

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