Best Bluetooth Basal Thermometers

  • Basal thermometer Bluetooth devices is hard to find, but the best is FM-101-BT by Femometer. It has an elegant design, blends in beautifully, and has many features including wireless connectivity.
  • Looking for a more versatile basal thermometer that can be used in multiple different areas? Go with Kogeek’s Forehead and Ear Thermometer. It is safe and easy to use, great for the entire family.
  • Lastly, extended battery life can be very pleasing in basal thermometer Bluetooth devices. Wink by Kindara has an extended battery life that will give you long term reliable results.

Bluetooth is a wonderful technology that allows for many new techniques to be used in older technology such as basal thermometers. First, it gives you better data analysis and transfer. Second, it is displayed in an easier to read manner. Lastly, it removes the need for additional buttons and screens on the thermometer itself. New designs can be formed and that is what we are looking at today. Proper use of Bluetooth technology can produce beautiful products that no one would want to give up.

Smart Basal Thermometer – FM-101-BT by Femometer

Best Bluetooth Basal Thermometers

Best Bluetooth Basal Thermometers: Smart Basal Thermometer – FM-101-BT by Femometer

The Smart Basal Thermometer by Fermometer has a lot going for it. It is an elegant design that mimics that of a stick of lipstick. It beautifully matches and blends in inside of your purse. There are a few things that stand out specifically with the Femometer. Firstly, it is very accurate. It is 1/100 of a degree when doing its readings. It uses cutting-edge technology that is capable of measuring very minute changes in body temperature. Not only that, but the design makes it very convenient and easy to carry around. Simply taking off the cap turns the device on and putting the cap back on will turn the device off.

The thermometer has no screen or buttons as it is fully wireless. It is one of the easiest thermometers to use on the market and you don’t even need to use your eyes to get your readings. The device stores up to 300 readings and takes about 90 seconds to get a reading. Other smart features including automatic calculations that help you determine pregnancy rate and when you can safely participate in sexual activities.

Koogeek Forehead and Ear Bluetooth Thermometer


Best Bluetooth Basal Thermometers

Best Bluetooth Basal Thermometers: Koogeek Forehead and Ear Bluetooth Thermometer

Most basal thermometers are versatile and can be used in multiple different areas, but Koggeek’s forehead and ear thermometer is a bit different. It uses a wonderful free app to track temperatures in real time and is easy to use. It connects to any smartphone that has Bluetooth 4.0 and works for iOS and Android. The great thing about this thermometer is that it is safe and sanitary. It involves no skin contact at all.

In the event that your body temperature is lower than 93-degrees Fahrenheit or higher than 107.9-degrees Fahrenheit, an alarm will sound. Up to 30 previous readings can be saved at a time and they all will automatically sync to the Koogeek app. The design is unique and it also comes with two different modes to work in: forehead temperature and ear temperature modes.

Wink by Kindara – App Integrated Fertility Thermometer

Best Bluetooth Basal Thermometers

Best Bluetooth Basal Thermometers: Wink by Kindara – App Integrated Fertility Thermometer

If you have no noticed yet, some of the best basal thermometer Bluetooth devices have the most unique designs. Wink by Kindara is no exception. Its design is beautiful and is similar to that of eye liner. Wink boasts a battery that will last you up to two weeks and easily connects to the Kindara app on your Android or iPhone device. All of your data collected by the app can easily be shared among the community of Kindara women who can easily relate with you.

The design is very well thought out. It can fit in the palm of your hand and is very silent in terms of noise. It will softly vibrate once the reading has been recorded. This is done in about 30 seconds which is impressive compared to other similar tools on the market. With amazing accuracy, the technology used by Wink is certainly among the top.


Basal Thermometer Bluetooth Devices: Which is the Best

This is a hard choice between the devices we have on our list, however, the FM-101-BT is an amazing device. It has many different features that make it the best of the best when it comes to bluetooth basal thermometers. The accuracy and cutting edge technology are only a few great aspects of the device.

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