Basal Thermometer Usage Instructions

Basal thermometer instructions can vary depending on the type of basal thermometer you use. There are several different types available on the market. From using them in your ear to your forehead, you will find a wide range of different options to choose from. Today, we will be going over basal thermometer instructions and how to use them. Furthermore, you will learn of some of the best brands that offer basal thermometers.


Why Use Basal Thermometers – What is BBT?

When discusing basal thermometers, it is hard to overlook BBT. BBT stands for basal body temperature and it is mainly important for finding out additional information about ovulation periods. Basal thermometers are often multipurpose though.


BBT can be described as your body’s temperature when you are not moving. Having basal thermometers that are specifically designed for this reading means that you will have an accurate reading of your body temperature.


The reason basal body temperature is so important is because its a great (and inexpensive) way to find out if you are ovulating or not. Depending on the device you use, it can also provide excellent data on tracking your ovulation pattern over several months. This data is invaluable in getting a clear image of your menstrual cycle.



Basal Thermometer Instructions


To begin, you should ensure that you have an accurate thermometer. Many thermometers will promise accuracy and speed, but the most important thing is accuracy. The longest you will have to wait for a reading will be 3 minutes max. That is perfectly fine if the results are accurate.


Below, we have recommended some of the best basal thermometers on the market. You should not have any trouble with this step. You should try and get your BBT reading first thing in the morning. Do it before getting out of bed, drinking coffee, or using the bathroom. This is important in getting the most accurate reading possible.


Recording this data is important as well. Luckily, companies have noticed this necessity and provide ample methods to record your BBT results. From wireless Bluetooth connectivity to iPhone and Android apps, recording and reading your results is easier than ever.


Tips for Getting Accurate Results

There is not a wrong way to take your BBT, but there are some common mistakes that can easily skew your results. Look over these few tips carefully and you should be fine though.

  1. Always take your BBT at the same time every morning. Some basal thermometers have alarms on them to make sure you wake up at the same time every day to do this. You do not want to do too much moving when you wake either. The more movement you do, the more your BBT will change. If you move every morning before taking your BBT too much, the results will be radically different and may confuse you.
  2. Your thermometer should be extremely close to your bed. This is to avoid any additional movement as well. It also helps in making sure you here the alarm. The ideal measuring time is at least 3 hours after sleeping. You should also try your best to take your basal body temperature at the exact same time every single morning.
  3. Avoid switching thermometers if you can. Different thermometers use different technology to record your BBT and having results from different ones may throw off the accuracy of your results. It is also easier to have all your data stored in one device and app as well.

Basal Thermometer Recommendations

Now, let’s discuss some of the best basal thermometers available today.

FM-101-BT by Femometer

FM-101-BT by Femometer

Basal Thermometer Usage Instructions: FM-101-BT by Femometer

Offering a simple and elegant design, the FM-101-BT is one of the best basal thermometers for ovulation day prediction. It is made specifically for that reason. It is also an extremely smart thermometer that utilizes advanced technology to offer a great user experience. The app included connects easily with any smart phone you may have. The design of the thermometer itself is easy to use as well. All records are done wirelessly and to use the thermometer, all you have to do is take the cap off. It requires no additional button pressing which is great since you should not be doing too much moving once you wake to take your temperature.

Wink by Kindara

Wink by Kindara

Basal Thermometer Usage Instructions: Wink by Kindara

Another fabulous design is displayed by Kindara’s Wink. It also comes with a wonderful iPhone app for easy viewing and collection of your data. The design features a uniquely designed LED screen for easy reading of your temperature after getting your measurements. The battery also lasts for several weeks. So, if you ever forget to charge it, you should not have to worry about missing a reading due to the device dying. Reliability is important in any good thermometer.

Digital Medical Thermometer by Enji

Digital Medical Thermometer by Enji

Basal Thermometer Usage Instructions: Digital Medical Thermometer by Enji

With amazing reviews and FDA approval, the digital medical thermometer by Enji is the cheapest of thermometers available on the market. It provides accurate results for the price offered. It is a versatile and multi-purpose thermometer that will work fine for the entire family.

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